the thin air video premiere

The Thin Air – ‘John Blek is a master of subtlety in realms of folk-informed pop.’

It is with the utmost pride and pleasure that I can share my new video with you all! It is with even more excitement that I can say that it is being premiered over on The Thin Air. Please share if you feel so inclined!

“Taken from the release, ‘Salt In The Water’ is a perfect paradigm of this simple quest for elucidation whilst battling with the unknown. Guided by some beautiful self-reflective refrains and an overarching air of self-acceptance, the track’s meditative tone marries arpeggiated acoustic guitar patterns, warm piano chords, bass and Blek’s brilliantly heartfelt delivery over three and a half minutes.”

“Reflecting one of the song’s main lyrical arcs, have a look at Ciara O’ Leary Fitzpatrick’s wonderfully simple yet compelling visual accompaniment to the single below.”

Check out the video for ‘Salt in the Water‘ and hear what the nice folks over at The Thin Air had to say about it.

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In the meantime, you can watch ‘Salt in the Water’ right here, I hope you all like it!



John Blek Salt in the Water